On Grown-up Jobs

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There’s no question that I’ve been feeling crappy about one of my current part-time jobs. It’s the job that’s been keeping me secured in school since it pays for my tuition. To some people, having this type of arrangement is ideal and would not warrant any complaining since, at the end of the day, school is getting covered. But I … Read More

LuannOn Grown-up Jobs

Adjunct Land: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

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I tend not to respond to op-eds, columns, and blog posts about adjuncting. I’d never have time for anything else. But Charlotte Allen’s recent op-ed for the L.A. Times contains a worn argument that I can’t ignore anymore: “Don’t be an adjunct.”

NatashaAdjunct Land: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Midweek News

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Welcome to the midweek news. Do you care? Would you rather watch Say Yes to the Dress? Well, sit a spell and see what’s up. You’ll soon be back watching spoiled children choose dresses that equal the cost of a down payment on a house.

[E] Sally LawtonMidweek News