On Grown-up Jobs

There’s no question that I’ve been feeling crappy about one of my current part-time jobs. It’s the job that’s been keeping me secured in school since it pays for my tuition. To some people, having this type of arrangement is ideal and would not warrant any complaining since, at the end of the day, school is getting covered. But I have come to a point where even that reason alone does not justify acts of borderline exploitation to be acceptable. A colleague reminded me the other day, that despite my frustrations, this is what “adults” do in the “real world.” Continue reading

Lunchtime Poll: Discretion or Honesty?

My husband says that I offer up too much information, doing myself a disservice in the act. I just like to think I’m a rule follower. Yes, I will declare that jar of jam that we’re bringing back from England, it’s fruit. I don’t want them to do a random search and find it and say I was hiding something. But sometimes… he might be right. Case in point… Continue reading

How to Be the Best New Employee Ever

It’s your first week on a new job. You are the new kid in the cafeteria, the one unfamiliar with the lingo and the customs of this environment. You will be awkward. You will be a little too formal on Monday and a little too casual on Wednesday when you overcorrect. People will forget your name and they will stare at you in meetings. You will get lost on your way to every conference room and you will agonize over whether to sign your emails with “Thanks,” “Sincerely,” or just your name. You may get stuck in a stairwell.

Continue reading

What Do You Look For In an Institution of Higher Learning?

Thanks to several wonderful list-servs, I receive a lot of emails about graduate school positions, post-doctoral positions, academic jobs, government jobs, and even industry jobs. These emails pour in year-round, but they make up an especially prominent proportion of my inbox in these early fall months. When discussing this trend with a friend (woops unintentional rhyming), we started talking about what we looked for when considering moving to a new university. Continue reading