The Temp Chronicles

After a few months of temping, I’ve seen that while I generally enjoy it, it’s different from permanent work in a lot of ways. Your outlook, your reward system, and your duties are completely different than with full-time work. While it’s not for everyone, temping can be a good option, especially when your other option is, well, not working. Read More The Temp Chronicles

Lunchtime Poll 12/7

Good afternoon, readers! How goes your Tuesday?  Today’s lunchtime poll is about volunteering.  After Meghan’s great post yesterday, several of the writers and editors were having a conversation about how our volunteering styles have changed as we’ve gotten older.   While all of us were pretty active as teens and in college, as we’ve had families and gotten jobs and had to be adults all the time, it’s a lot easier to write a check.  What do you think, readers? Do you volunteer? How do you work it into your schedule? Would our college-aged activist selves think we’re assholes for not making the time?