News in Asia

Hi lovelies, this week’s news is a little heavy with a shooting at a university in Pakistan, but there’s good news on the women’s education and health fronts. So here we go.  Read More News in Asia

News in Asia Is All Over

We’ve got a bunch of news and I’m going to try and cover as many countries as possible in this edition. Read More News in Asia Is All Over

News in Asia

Hello kittens! Hope your Galentine’s Day was awesome! Here is your latest news over the past week from Asia. Read More News in Asia

Harmonic Convergence

Every now and then, a situation arises in which seemingly disparate elements come together in perfect unison, like some cosmic Venn diagram. If you haven’t seen this on elementary school homework lately, it’s a diagram invented by John Venn in 1880 using overlapping circles to illustrate logical relations between a finite collection of sets.    Read More Harmonic Convergence

End Of The Week News: The End

Welcome back, kittens, welcome back. I have a bit of news: my days of broadcasting your Friday newscap are coming to a close, but huzzah! No fear, the news shall be continued on, better and brighter days ahead. No tears now, let’s just rejoice with another roundabout recap of all the news that proves that everything is absolutely rational and you just might need to put your big girl pants on. This week’s news is sure to make even the most glittering and glamoring turn hastily sour, provoking dry heaves, dreads, and a whole lotta slip-sliding in between. Join me on this last dance? Read More End Of The Week News: The End