MSCL: Betrayal

If you remember anything about this show’s original run, then you’ve been dreading this episode. I certainly had been. Read More MSCL: Betrayal

MSCL: I Wanna Be Sedated

This episode, better known as “Rayanne Falls off the Wagon,” was painful to watch. First up, we see what Sober Rayanne is really like. She’s successfully completed her 30 days of counseling at school, and her counselor expresses concern that Rayanne lacks the support system necessary to maintain her sobriety. Read More MSCL: I Wanna Be Sedated

MSCL: Making Out Is Hard to Do

Did anyone else get a little whiplash at the beginning of this episode? It started off with some narration from Angela about how high school cliques have their own designated territory at school. Read More MSCL: Making Out Is Hard to Do

Gen. X, Gen. Y and the Art of Slacking

I hope you all will excuse me while I make rash, sweeping generalizations about, well, pretty much all of us (or at least the generations to which we belong). I think it’s interesting that the idea of the lovable, cool slacker arose in the 80s and 90s as a counter-cultural alternative to yuppies and  corporate expansion, but I’m not sure that the art of slacking has translated well for my Generation, the Y-ers, who are, if anything, hyper-motivated, helicopter-parented and desirous of “making their mark in the world.” Read More Gen. X, Gen. Y and the Art of Slacking

My So-Called Life: I Call Her Red

If you watched this show with even mild interest during its run, then you remember the punch line that the title refers to, a nice little episode-closer that reminds us once again how endearingly flawed our protagonist can be. It was, quite simply, A Jordan Episode, but after a few consecutive weeks of dealing with the big issues (dads! self-esteem! censorship!) it was a bit of a relief to get back to the giddy love stuff. Read More My So-Called Life: I Call Her Red

Ladyghosts: My So-Called Life, Episode 2

The second episode of My So-Called Life didn’t feel like the second episode of a new series. Maybe because the first episode did such a good job at setting up Angela Chase’s world, by episode two the viewer already feels pretty settled in, and invested in the characters. Read More Ladyghosts: My So-Called Life, Episode 2

My So-Called Life: Didn’t We Have a Time?

My So-Called Life is one of those shows that made a significant impact despite being on-air for an incredibly short time. It premiered in August 1994, and its last episode aired in January, 1995. That’s only five months. It was a victim of not only low ratings, but of the misfortune of being a bit ahead of its time in set-up and subject matter. While the hour-long dramatic format and cinematic style wasn’t unheard of in prime time, it was not nearly as common as it is today. Not to mention that the WB (RIP) was still a few years away from hanging their hat on hour-long teenage dramedies, and ABC just didn’t seem to know how to market the show. Read More My So-Called Life: Didn’t We Have a Time?