K Drama Review: “Coffee Prince”

“Coffee Prince” AKA “First Shop of Coffee Prince” was a mega hit K Drama which ran in 2007. The premise might be a tough one to swallow; a young tomboy-style woman is mistaken for being male and befriends a handsome, rich man. They fall in love, but the rich man doesn’t realize his buddy is a woman. Read More K Drama Review: “Coffee Prince”

Flowers Before Boys

As a crochety oldster who abandoned mainstream American TV last year I have chosen to pursue the phenomenon that is K Dramas, which are on the lips and minds of many fans, young (high schoolers) and old (my 73 year old mother and her pals). They are making tidal waves in entertainment, spreading squee-worthy joy to many corners of the globe far beyond East Asia to South Asia, South America, Canada, the Middle East. My personal poll of asking how did folks discover K Dramas had very wide ranging answers. Read More Flowers Before Boys