Kampala Dance-Off

There comes a point when one must question the series of choices they’ve made in life. Whereas a single innocuous decision, such as accepting an invitation to a friend’s home, seems harmless, it has no doubt put them on a collision course with a formidable fate. A moment such as this came to me as I stood on the side of a road in Uganda stuffed into a short red dress and four inch stilettos. As men leaned out car windows and strangers’ necks snapped in my direction, the situation begged the question, “What is my life, even?” Read More Kampala Dance-Off

That Kampala Twang

As the sun rises over Kampala, the city begins to pulse with life. Taxi vans, belching out thick black smoke, lurch onto the roadside, picking up and dropping off customers. They speed back into traffic, competing for ever dwindling space with honking motorbikes, overloaded trucks, tilting semis, and droves of pedestrians. Breakfast stands open, shopkeepers start sweeping their stoops, calls to prayer sound off, and this East African capital becomes a thriving, swirling, eclectic mass.

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