Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

The last few weeks have been a crazy blur. My emotions have hit the highest highs and some really anxiety-inducing lows. I got married to my lovely wife and I came out both to my family and at work. Music really kept me going through this week. Read More Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

Lunchtime Poll: Hidden Talent

We all have amazing dreams we want to happen in our life. This week some of my dreams have come true. Some of my other dreams seem like they weren’t meant to be. I have always wanted to be a musician. I have tried playing bass and did so in a few bands but it was punk and I was terrible. I fancy myself a lyricist, but that doesn’t do me any good when I can’t write music. I am always awestruck by my amazing musician friends. That is ok though! Someone needs to be the consumer of the music and not the maker.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: Hidden Talent

Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

I listen to a lot of music. If I am out of the house and not actively engaging someone, I am listening to music. My headphones go on the minute I leave my apartment. Partly this keeps people from talking to me on the bus or on the street, and partly it’s because my brain craves music. I present a list of the ten songs keeping me from losing it this week. Read More Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week

Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Celebrities Most People Hate

This past week has been a good time for two of my favorite celebrities, James Franco and Kanye West. That’s right, I said my favorite. There is something adorably smug about both of them. James’s new movie This is the End came out and took second place at the box office behind Man of Steel. All Kanye did was watch his girlfriend give birth to their first child and then release his new amazing album Yeezus. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Celebrities Most People Hate

Occupy Wall Street: Where We At

“We talk about democracy so much, but we have supported so many governments around the world that are the farthest thing from a democracy, as long as they give us access to their natural resources. As long as when we say jump, they say how high. That’s it. We have employed bin Ladens plenty of times, when it serves our purpose. We employed Saddam Hussein when it served our purposes. And I say “˜we’ because we are the people that have a responsibility to change that sort of behavior in this country. And if we don’t, we will suffer the same fate as everything that never evolved. We will become extinct as a species. That’s your fuckin’ option. Change and get better and accept that this system is flawed and needs to be changed, or become extinct” ““ Immortal Technique

Read More Occupy Wall Street: Where We At

Chasing Kanye in Prague

Every Mother’s Day, as a youngster in Philadelphia, my family would go to the Art Museum. We would bet on how many people we would see run up the steps and pose triumphantly at the top. I think the most we ever saw in the twenty-minute walk from our car was ten people making that climb. The image of the underdog boxer conquering those 72 steps is an indelible one. Read More Chasing Kanye in Prague