News in Asia

Hello friends, and welcome back. This week’s edition is a mixed bag of natural disasters, shady politics and one or two spots of levity, so let’s get started. Read More News in Asia

News in Asia

Welcome back to News in Asia. There have been quite a few developments on the Asian continent in the last couple of weeks, so we will cover the major ones. Read More News in Asia

News in Asia: Year of the Snake Edition

Happy New Year!

This weekend marks the Lunar New Year and while many news outlets focus on China, Korea also has their celebration called Seollal. This year, an estimated two million Koreans will travel back to their hometowns, eat sliced rice cakes called tteokguk (since Korean age reckoning counts the Lunar New Year as a birthday, it’s seen as a birthday food) and pay respects to their elders. Also, shops and stores are slammed in the run up to the three-day weekend as people prepare to travel and cook dinner for large gatherings. Read More News in Asia: Year of the Snake Edition

News Appetizers: Mmm. Delicious!

Happy Easter Monday! That’s a thing, right? A day of crashing after all that chocolate on Sunday? The news is depressing to fit with the sugar-crashing. Thematic! Read More News Appetizers: Mmm. Delicious!