Leave Your Pets at Home, Starlets

I don’t doubt that Taylor Swift loves her cats. Her Instagram is covered with their pictures, and those are some spoiled-looking felines. However, Swift didn’t act in her cat’s best interest the other day when she carried one like an accessory during one of her near-daily photo ops. After Swift took her little stroll in front of the paparazzi, it didn’t take long for another celebrity to follow suit: fashion web site Tom and Lorenzo ran a photo Wednesday of pop star Ke$ha carrying an absolutely terrified cat through the airport. T&L came down on Ke$ha like a ton of bricks, as well they should, and I commend them for it.  Read More Leave Your Pets at Home, Starlets

30 Years of Music: 2010

2010 is an off year for me. Though I’m sure there were plenty of releases that other people could get excited about, when I perused the list of albums from that year, I could only come up with ten songs about which I had anything to say. That’s not to disparage those other releases, but when I write about music, my knowledge and enthusiasm only extends so far. Still, I feel like I’ve got ten good ones here, so let’s get to it.

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We R Who We R?

There is a lot of discussion about the state of pop music and the women who are in the mix. (GET IT, THE JOKE?) The indelible Sady Doyle  discussed the issue at length, with her explanation about how Katy Perry is in fact, a false feminist prophet in fake eyelashes and polka-dots. Read More We R Who We R?