Midweek News is Fallin’

What’s been happening in your world? I’m settling into fall, and the world is falling into…well, the spiral it has always been in. Read More Midweek News is Fallin’

News in Africa: 02/21/2013

It’s Thursday, Persephoneers, and I’m back with another round of news from Africa! After the jump, we’ve got updates on the Pistorius case in South Africa and a whole lot more. Read More News in Africa: 02/21/2013

News in Africa: 02/14/2013

This week brings us tragedy, hope, and justice – not in that order. Without further ado, let’s jump in…

Read More News in Africa: 02/14/2013

News in Africa: 12/20/2012

This week’s update on Africa is the bee’s knees with some encouraging and heartwarming news amidst updates on the political scene. Read More News in Africa: 12/20/2012

News in Africa: 12/06/2012

It’s another week, and Africa’s been hopping. From conflict development to genomes to billionaires, there’s a bunch to cover, so let’s dive right in, shall we? Read More News in Africa: 12/06/2012

News in Africa: 11/15/2012

Various diplomats are urging Morocco and Western Sahara to enter serious negotiations to avoid outright conflict. Because of continuing unrest in Mali, there are fears that this instability will spread, igniting smoldering hostilities between Morocco and Western Sahara. Read More News in Africa: 11/15/2012

News in Africa: 10/18/12

News from Africa for the past week is a bit of a mixed bag. Highlights include a change in imperialistic attitudes from Europe toward Africa and a woman being elected to a prestigious office for the first time. Lowlights include a war criminal and unstable governments. More details after the jump. Read More News in Africa: 10/18/12