The Secret Life of “Shamu”

So, you’ve seen Blackfish. Or maybe you haven’t, but are curious what all the fuss is about. I’ve been researching the subject for the last two months and have made a list of the dark secrets SeaWorld doesn’t want you to know about. Read More The Secret Life of “Shamu”

Science News: 11/13/13

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Lots of good news this week, from asteroids that aren’t going to kill us all to several awesome new species (and babies of everyone’s favorite new species of the year). Also, updates on the supposed global wine shortage and early puberty epidemic. On the terrible end of the spectrum, though, there’s Haiyan. Read More Science News: 11/13/13

Science News: 1/22/13

Some of my favorite science bloggers have been hard at work this week explaining how recent “discoveries” are inconclusive at best or downright ludicrous and disingenuous at worst. Wondering if the news you heard this week was true or not? Find out below! Read More Science News: 1/22/13