Record Machine: Otherness by Kindness

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Kindness — the slow-jamz electropop project from Adam Bainbridge — but if you have a fondness for early ’90s-style downtempo dance tunes and goddess Robyn herself, then do click on through.

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Caregiving: Crisis And Kindness

There are two kinds of crisis in the Juniper household. There are the ordinary ones and the mental health ones. An ordinary crisis is when the washing machine breaks, someone comes down with flu, or there are zombies attacking the house. The mental health crisis is hospital visits, emergency psychiatrist appointments and caring for someone who is fragile and in pain. Read More Caregiving: Crisis And Kindness

What Your Server Really Thinks

Looking at my coworkers, I would say in the serving world, I’m still considered a baby. I have been working as a server for a little over a year now and I have dealt with a lot of different types of customers. There are guests you love having, who you can’t wait to have come back, who make your very long shift just a little easier. Then there are guests you wish had never even heard of your restaurant. Read More What Your Server Really Thinks

LTP: On Stars and Sneetches and Democracy

Heavens to Tennant, readers.  When you don’t like something, you go all out.  I’ve been pointed towards discussions all over the World Wide Web where people are upset about being able to give comments a thumbs-up or some stars.   As promised, we’re here to listen to your concerns and explain what it is we were trying to do. Read More LTP: On Stars and Sneetches and Democracy