Reader Request: Things Get Spicy

I am the poster child for what not to do when it comes to keeping your hard-grown (or hard-bought) spices fresh. I chronically leave them open, out on my sunny countertop, and the cupboard I keep them in is directly above my stovetop, and some I keep on a small shelf EVEN CLOSER to my stovetop. I am really shitty at spice storage. Oh, and it’s all thrown together with absolutely no organization. And I have stuff that’s been here since before my fiancé moved in…maybe four years old? Read More Reader Request: Things Get Spicy

Organizational Porn

I admit that I am addicted to house porn while being simultaneously nauseated by the term “house porn.” When some people are bored, they go searching the web for naked pictures; I go on hunts for new ways to make my life more organized and fancy without breaking the bank. Yes, I love pretty, pretty things, but I am also cheap as hell. Read More Organizational Porn