A Netflix Fix: Butter

[E] Selena MacIntosh*Movies2 Comments


If you haven’t seen Butter, I insist you grab some take out on your way home from work and watch it tonight. Don’t argue with Auntie Selena.

[E] Selena MacIntosh*A Netflix Fix: Butter

Prank or PR Genius: Kristen Schaal

Eileen EadyPop Culture1 Comment


I know Kristen Schaal from her stalker role in Flight of the Conchords. She is also the voice of the character, Mabel, in my sons’ favorite show Gravity Falls. So, I figured I’d be in for some interesting, albeit awkward, comedy in her special on Comedy Central.

Eileen EadyPrank or PR Genius: Kristen Schaal

Badass Ladies on the TV

Emily Heist MossPop Culture11 Comments


What follows is a highly subjective, woefully incomplete list of some of the coolest ladies on TV in 2011. Despite my best efforts, I can’t watch everything, and so I’m 100% positive I’m overlooking an unfortunately high number of badasses. Don’t view this as an authoritative list (what constitutes boob tube authority anyway?), but rather as a start to a … Read More

Emily Heist MossBadass Ladies on the TV