Feminism’s PR Problem and How Feminism 101 Can Help

Before I start, I want to make something clear: I am not saying that Feminism 101 is the solution to all women’s problems, because it’s not. Rather, talking about the super basic tenets of feminism and social justice can be a way to win supporters who might otherwise be hostile to our cause. Sadly, even Feminism 101 is too radical for some people, but others can be swayed, and then they’ll be in a better position to accept that they still have more to learn. Slow and steady wins the race! (But don’t worry; we can still yell at the complete assholes, because nothing we say is going to change their minds anyway and lord knows they deserve it. We just need to do a better job of choosing our targets.) Read More Feminism’s PR Problem and How Feminism 101 Can Help

My Feminism is Not the Standard Feminism

Popular culture likes to paint the definition of feminism as women’s goal to be equal to men. It’s the sanitized, simplified, and publicly palatable version of feminism. It’s the definition that many are exposed to first, that we see in the media, and what lots of adults will tell you when your eight year old self asks what feminism is. And to be fair, the definiton is not strictly incorrect. As many here know, the definition of feminism is a longstanding point of contention. One person’s definition is undoubtedly the one listed above. Another person’s defintion is all about choice. And obviously, we do not all agree with each other’s definitions. Putting those differences aside is a necessity, because it unites us all as part of a global movement with one overarching goal: to help women.

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