Science News: 7/26/13

So much science news, so little time! The last three weeks have brought us a lot of cool stories about space, dinosaurs, and the rest of the scientific world. Plus, there’s a special treat at the end for my fellow Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan lovers. Read More Science News: 7/26/13

Science News: 3/12/13

Welcome to this week’s installment of science news. We’ve got SpaceX, comets, Arctic camels, Neanderthal-killing bunnies, and more! Read More Science News: 3/12/13

Science News: 1/22/13

Some of my favorite science bloggers have been hard at work this week explaining how recent “discoveries” are inconclusive at best or downright ludicrous and disingenuous at worst. Wondering if the news you heard this week was true or not? Find out below! Read More Science News: 1/22/13

Science News Roundup: 2/8/12

Several interesting new scientific studies have been released in the last two weeks. Standards for science education in the United States have been examined and were largely found to be woefully inadequate, the mother of modern racehorses has been found, and the biggest mammal on earth shows no sign of stopping its growth. In addition, Russian researchers in Antarctica just announced that their drills have reached a subglacial lake that’s been sealed off from the outside world for 14 million years. Cool!

Read More Science News Roundup: 2/8/12