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Interview: Wendy McClure, Author, “The Wilder Life”

In 2009, I met Wendy McClure at a panel for Chicago authors. I loved her snarky but funny battle with Weight Watchers in I’m Not the New Me, and was intrigued when she mentioned writing a book about the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I never wore calico or lived underground, but the Little House book series had a profound effect on me and countless other young readers in the 1970s and 80s. As the paperback release of The Wilder Life approaches, I spoke with Wendy about pig bladder balloons, butter churning at book signings, and who in “Laura World” may have been a feminist.

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The Pleasures of Reading Book Series

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a huge fan of book series. I’m such a fast reader that stand-alone books just don’t capture my attention in the same way, although I certainly read plenty of them, too. I can knock out a 200-page novel in three hours or so and then be left wanting more, knowing I’ll never get it. I’d much rather watch a group of characters grow and evolve over the course of two, three, or even dozens of books. They become your friends in a way that’s much more satisfying than characters whose stories wrap up in just one book, and you always have something to look forward to as the next sequel looms. But on the other hand, sometimes the wait between new releases can be torturous. What to do? Read More The Pleasures of Reading Book Series

Middlemarch: YA Fiction Elimination

This is our smallest group, so only one of these badasses of YA fiction will have to be sent packing before the fun begins.  Yet, I think this may end up being one of our toughest races.  I know I am personally attached to many of these young women, and I know many of our bookish friends feel the same.   Grab a comforting treat, whether it’s your favorite Snuggie or a cup of hot cocoa (or in Selena world, both!) and get ready to make some hard decisions. Read More Middlemarch: YA Fiction Elimination

30 years later: I’d Still Carry the Lunchbox

I grew up in the seventies, so I was introduced to the Michael Landon/ Melissa Gilbert/Alison Arngrim version of Little House on the Prairie. Watching it was a ritual in my house growing up, and I loved it to pieces. I loved it so much that my first lunch box was a Little House on the Prairie Lunchbox (my brother got a Muppet Show one, we were very 1979). The Ingalls family was there on my lunchbox with their log cabin in the background. Read More 30 years later: I’d Still Carry the Lunchbox