Ladyghosts: We Stink This Week

We’ve been in a tizzy at the Persephone offices and we’ve all slacked on our ladyghost duties this week.  I’m here to promise we’ll all be back next week and fully on our game.  In the meantime, I made a lazy blogger post of You Tube videos on the other side of the cut.  Persephone bitches love videos. Read More Ladyghosts: We Stink This Week

This is Where My Gleecap Would Be…

…if January wasn’t a a giant suckhole of suck.   Instead, I was going to randomly find something on TV and liveblog it, but that turned out to be a much better idea in my head.  So it’s a lazy YouTube post, where I type stuff in the search box so you don’t have to.  Today’s theme? Ladysingers on the Muppet Show.

My theory is that Glee = Muppet Show + Fame x Afterschool Specials divided by Zoom.  (Everyone born before 1979 just went “Zoom! OMG! I remember Zoom!”) So this post sort of fits, right?

First up, Rita Moreno and Animal singing Peggy Lee’s classic “Fever”

Raquel Welch and Miss Piggy singing “W-O-M-A-N”

My personal favorite Muppet song ever, Linda Ronstadt singing “When I Grow Too Old to Dream” with Kermit.  There is totally something in my eye.

Miss Diana Ross loves Fozzie.  I love Fozzie.  We should totes be friends.

Miss Shirley Bassey has a “Fire Down Below” and this is evidenced by how hard she is rocking the golden jumpsuit.

And by request, it’s Liza singing Copa Cabana with the freaking muppets.  I didn’t even know this existed, my whole world has opened up.

And for my fellow Olds