It’s Not a Sprint

I realized today that my daughter doesn’t know her left hand from her right. It doesn’t matter how old she is right now; just know that she is well past the age when most children have learned this. We have tried telling her that she writes with her right hand, but this doesn’t register with her at all. Now we are going to put some nail polish on one finger of her left hand so she can look quickly if she’s asked, or give her a pretty ring to wear on her left hand. Read More It’s Not a Sprint

Growing Up With a Weird Brain

I have trouble remaining aware of my surroundings, and as a kid it was worse. When teachers called on me in class, I rarely heard them. Even waving a hand in front of my face and saying, “Earth to Bryn!” wouldn’t always snap me out of a trance.

Trigger warning for talk of suicide.

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Ladyguide: Creating Accessible Emails

Creating accessible organizing is challenging. I know that for me, text-based communication is usually preferred. But there are major difficulties for a wide range of people with text. Read More Ladyguide: Creating Accessible Emails