Boundaries and Biting: “What Should I Do?”

Q: I’m having some trouble with a new partner of mine not respecting my boundaries. I have told him repeatedly not to leave visible bite marks/hickeys on my neck/upper chest, but he keeps doing it. I think that part of the problem is that I enjoy being bitten hard, so when even though I’ve told him outside the bedroom that it’s not ok, he assumes that because it feels good while we’re having sex that it’s ok to do. Read More Boundaries and Biting: “What Should I Do?”

An Ode to Sneakers

I’ve never been into fashion. It’s not that I don’t appreciate its aesthetic or cultural value; I just have never been good at picking out clothes and putting an outfit together. I blame an incredibly easy 80s childhood. I liked bright colors and anything with animals on it, and my mom picked out my clothes every morning. It wasn’t until middle school that I suddenly had to get rid of all my neon and puffy-painted items and upgrade to something grown up”¦like flannel shirts. (Sigh.) Read More An Ode to Sneakers