Friday News Bites: Syrian Refugees, Oliver Sacks + More

Greetings, one and all. Quick roundup of news stories this Friday, though I invite you all (as usual) to share anything interesting that has crossed your path.

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“Trip” and Other Stories

Film students have a hard time being taken seriously. They’re often depicted as hipsters and hippies, bored 20-somethings majoring in something frivolous to get their overindulgent parents off their back about doing something with their life. There’s nothing about director Dominick Evans that fits within this stereotype. Outside of pursuing his BFA degree in Motion Pictures Production at Wright State University, Dominick is an activist and a family man. Boredom would be a luxury for him and his girlfriend, Ashtyn Law, who is pursuing her own degree in Screenwriting. In addition to working on a web series and various film projects, the couple have been raising their son Robert and fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. Read More “Trip” and Other Stories