Persephone Pioneers: Welcome Back, Julia Serano!

You might remember our last interview with writer, biologist, and artist Julia Serano. She blew us away with her 2008 book, Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, by igniting readers through critiques on both mainstream and feminist views of gender, while challenging assumptions about societal attitudes toward trans women, gender, and sexuality. Continue reading

5 Must See Movies by Indigenous Filmmakers

Previously I wrote about the whitewashing of Tonto in Disney’s The Lone Ranger and some of the harm done by non-Indigenous filmmakers controlling onscreen images of NDN people. One way to combat this harm is to support Indigenous filmmakers, writers and actors in their endeavors to portray our lives, the multitude ways of being Native, and some of the intersections of Indigenous identities with other identities. I’ll get you started by sharing some of my favorite movies about and by Indigenous people. Continue reading

Not Gay Enough

From a very young age, I remember being subjected to the idea that I needed a man to “rescue me” and to “make me complete.” We are shown Disney movies in which the princess needs to be rescued, comedies where the leading lady is doing everything she can to nab a man, and movies in which women are portrayed as “lacking” if they aren’t married to a man.

Continue reading

Unconventional Family

Greeting card companies and the florist industry would never let us forget that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. In Minnesota, the group Minnesotans United for All Families will gather to celebrate Freedom to Marry Day at the Capital Hill in St. Paul. They support the belief that persons in same gender relationships should be allowed to be married. I can’t be there in person, but I’ll be there in spirit. My Aunt-in-Law, Pastor Anita C. Hill will be there. Yes, she is a woman, and a fully ordained pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She is also in a committed relationship with another woman. And, she is from Mississippi. Continue reading

Anti-Gay Prejudice: Where Does It Come From?

Once in a while, I succeed in talking someone out of their opposition to gay rights, and in doing this, I try to figure out why the person harbors prejudice in the first place. Because bigotry hurts so many people so deeply, it’s tempting to say, “Because they’re jerks, that’s why.” That’s not specific or accurate, though, and if you’re trying to change someone’s mind, “you’re a jerk” isn’t the most persuasive opening statement. Here are some reasons why I think anti-gay prejudice has been so persistent. Continue reading