PoC News in America

Another week of inspiring solidarity and protests following the tragic deaths of black men in America. Let’s get to the news. Read More PoC News in America

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Fire up your favorite web clipper because I read so much cool stuff this past week.

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My Love Affair With Questionable Fashion

I have an ongoing love affair with questionable fashion. Now, when I say questionable, I don’t mean like giving it the side-eye, “What in the hell is that and why are you wearing it?” fashion where I make a condescending judgment call. I mean the stuff that makes my 9-5 work day outfits pale in comparison, yet make my heart skip an excited beat. The stuff that Kelis can rock hard in a video, yet the actuality of me wearing it in my regular life seems slightly ridiculous. Possibly circus themed. Read More My Love Affair With Questionable Fashion