New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×20, “Lily”

In the flashback, we see the sorcerer’s apprentice contacting his master, the apprentice tells the sorcerer that the author broke the rules and changed some stories, and that Snow and Charming channeled their daughter’s capability for evil into Maleficent’s child. Unfortunately, nothing can be done, and the two girls’ fates will forever be entwined. The apprentice has locked the author in the fairy tale book and can no longer change the fate of other realms; he can only record the stories. Read More New Show Recap: Once Upon a Time 4×20, “Lily”

My Favorite Bisexual

Bi Visibility Day (aka Celebrate Bisexuality Day) was September 23. In fact, this entire week is Bi Awareness Week. I’m bisexual, so hi. And I want to talk about my favorite (pop culture) bisexual.

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Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars Season 1, Ep. 3

This episode starts with Veronica walking with the new guy, Troy, that she has been talking to.  I find Troy absolutely boring.  He has a generic rich white kid look like all the guys in the show and he’s talking about taking Veronica out on his rich dad’s boat and driving his rich kid car. He even has a generic rich kid name. Bo-ring. Veronica is impressed.  She’ll pretend like she’s not wooed by money, but the poorest guy she ever dates in this show is probably Troy.  I’m just saying. Read More Ladyghosts: Veronica Mars Season 1, Ep. 3