How To Handle The Ignorant Colleague

It can happen at any time: the supposedly sane colleague (maybe one of the few you relied on for your sanity in the workplace) says something stupid. And not on the level of “White chocolate is the best” but more of something out there, like “Our country is being destroyed by immigrants.” What to do? Behind the cut, some helpful options in no particular order.

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Seven Reasons to Love Hermione Granger, in Case You Didn’t Already

It’s been a few years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 hit theaters, and in the time since, I’ve probably watched the entire Harry Potter movie series twice, maybe thrice. I finished my most recent viewing a couple of weeks ago and thought it would quench my thirst for all things Potter for a while, but it just sent me running to Pottermore for, well, more. More, more, more! And what I need more of, in particular, is my favorite teen heroine, vanquisher about wizardom, Hermione Granger. So, in the spirit of feeding my Potterzest, I’ve spend some time this week contemplating why I love Hermione so ardently. The result, my Hermione top seven. I hope it feeds your need for Potter screed. Read More Seven Reasons to Love Hermione Granger, in Case You Didn’t Already

Rejected McSweeney’s Lists

Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is a literary website founded by Dave Eggers; the pieces are usually humorous or absurd. Since 2006, I’ve tried, in vain, to have my lists accepted by the site. In grad school, we competed against each other to have pieces accepted. (If memory serves, the “winner” was someone who’d had a list published the year before he matriculated.) But I guess it’s not to be. So here are my rejected lists. [Trigger warning: one list is about suicide.]

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18 Things Only People With Colds Will Understand

Not everyone can have a cold. For those of us lucky enough to have one, we still have to deal with haters who are jealous of our cups of steaming tea and piles of tissue. And we all know the fun will some day end and we have to deal with being cold-free again. But for the coughers and sneezers out there, here are 18 things cold-havers will understand.

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