The Unlikeables

It comes up in every book group I’ve ever joined, but it still irked me when a woman made this contribution during my current book group’s last meeting:

“I hated it. I didn’t like the main character at all. She just seemed so weird.”

Cue a collective internal sigh from the rest of the group.  Read More The Unlikeables

Middlemarch Madness: Prologue

While chatting in email with Meghan, we stumbled upon an idea we think you’ll love as much as we do.   March is the month of brackets, as everyone who loves basketball, cake or pie knows.  As we lean more towards bookish than sporty and we have a collective unconditional love of all desserts, we’re trying something different. Read More Middlemarch Madness: Prologue

Lunchtime Poll

For today’s lunchtime poll, we’re begging for your input on what you’d like to read more about on Persephone, with our handy new poll plug-in.   There’s still a traditional lunchtime poll question at the end, but if you could take a minute and click a box, we’d muchly appreciate it. Read More Lunchtime Poll