Interview: Wendy McClure, Author, “The Wilder Life”

In 2009, I met Wendy McClure at a panel for Chicago authors. I loved her snarky but funny battle with Weight Watchers in I’m Not the New Me, and was intrigued when she mentioned writing a book about the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I never wore calico or lived underground, but the Little House book series had a profound effect on me and countless other young readers in the 1970s and 80s. As the paperback release of The Wilder Life approaches, I spoke with Wendy about pig bladder balloons, butter churning at book signings, and who in “Laura World” may have been a feminist.

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The Secret, Wonderful World Of Fanfic

There’s a topic which I’ve seen popping up here and there in our comments recently, and that topic is fanfic.  I believe fanfic is an under-appreciated art form, and I think we should change all of that right here and now.  It’s time for those of us that love to curl up with our computer mice and a saucy story about Booth and Bones actually doing it to stand up and proudly declare our love. Continue reading

Ladyghosts of TV Past: Buffy Season1, Episode 3, “˜The Witch’

The great thing about Buffy is that there are no real throwaway episodes.  The one shots ““ like this week’s episode, “˜The Witch’ ““ almost always end up tying back into the overarching plots and themes the show tries to explore. They’re referenced, the characters return, or we find out one tiny bit of information, like a Troll King’s Hammer, becomes vitally important later on. Continue reading

30 years later: I’d Still Carry the Lunchbox

I grew up in the seventies, so I was introduced to the Michael Landon/ Melissa Gilbert/Alison Arngrim version of Little House on the Prairie. Watching it was a ritual in my house growing up, and I loved it to pieces. I loved it so much that my first lunch box was a Little House on the Prairie Lunchbox (my brother got a Muppet Show one, we were very 1979). The Ingalls family was there on my lunchbox with their log cabin in the background. Continue reading

“Indians in the House”: Re-Reading My Favorite Chapter from Little House

While the Little House on The Prairie television show was a few years before my time (I only saw re-runs late at night or in random doctor’s lobbies), my mother bought me the complete boxed set of Little House books, which I read over and over again. My favorite books were On the Banks of Plum Creek and Little House on the Prairie, and by far my favorite excerpt, the one I returned to over and over again, was the chapter wherein a duo of Native Americans (well, “Indians”) show up at the Ingalls’ house while Pa is away. Continue reading

The Persephone Interview: Alison Arngrim Pt. 1

My brushes with celebrity are limited to the time I think I served John Mellencamp coffee when I worked the overnight at Denny’s and some of the cast of Battlestar Galactica (the new one) at a con.   This was my first celebrity interview, and I’m pretty sure even if my next interview is James McAvoy feeding orphans while he’s wearing a kilt, it can’t top this one. In fact, it’s too much for one post so I’m breaking it up into two. Continue reading

Little House on the Prairie Sisters: Where Are They Now?

I have dug up as much dirt as Wikipedia, Popeater, IMDB, and People Magazine will reveal on the lives of the actresses who portrayed the Ingalls sisters on Little House on the Prairie (LHotP). Normally, reading about former child stars makes me feel a little sad, but all four of these women went on to have interesting, fulfilling careers (especially the Greenbush twins!), so I don’t feel at all put out by having read about their post-LHotP adventures. Continue reading