Loving Across Oceans

Remember how I was going to start an amazing media project, live an awesome life in our awesome apartment, and take the US by a storm of awesomeness?  Yeah. So, about that: the USA consulate doesn’t trust me. And now my boyfriend’s over there and I’m still here (and worse: “here” is back at my parents’ place).

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Tell Me About Teledildonics!

Q: My boyfriend and I are facing a long-distance relationship soon. We’re planning to be living in the same country again within a year, and we should be able to visit a few times, but for the rest of the time, we’re talking about how to manage long-distance– particularly our sex life. Read More Tell Me About Teledildonics!

How To: Take Great Naked Pictures

FYI: There are no naked pictures in this post.   Best to get that out of the way first. Read More How To: Take Great Naked Pictures

“Why Can’t We Have Sex?”

We want to preface our response to this question with the reminder that neither of us are medical professionals of any kind. All of our ideas should be taken as suggestions of things to read more about on your own and/or to bring up to your doctor rather than actual diagnoses.

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