You Can Handle The Truth: Skyping and Sexting

Q. My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. We see each other about twice a month and chat by phone/Skype just about every night. We’ve even had a few “dates.” The thing I’m trying to figure out is the sex. IRL, we’re on fire. We ask for what we want and generally get it (unless, you know, it is too far outside of the other person’s comfort zone and then we compromise). How can we approach sexy sex long distance? I’ve suggested sexting, dirty phone calls or some sexy Skype time, but he’s a little wary of it and starts giggling. To be honest, I giggle too. I would like to add some naughty to our distance and would love your advice on doing something the both of us feel comfortable with.  Read More You Can Handle The Truth: Skyping and Sexting