Reading the Man Booker Prize 2014: How to Be Both by Ali Smith

It’s literature prize season, and the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize has been revealed! On its way to becoming the most important prize of them all, the Man Booker jury now accepts entries from all English-speaking writers published in the UK, opening up the contest for the American market. The much-anticipated onslaught of American novels has not happened this year, with only two writers making it onto the list of six finalists. There aren’t many big surprises, other than David Mitchell staying behind *boo hiss*, but at first glance, 2014 looks like a good year. Read More Reading the Man Booker Prize 2014: How to Be Both by Ali Smith

Entering Widowhood

It’s been almost two years since my last article here on P-Mag. In that time, I had some wonderful adventures and moments – before my husband’s brain cancer began to really change the quality of his life for the worse in 2012. He was in Home Hospice service for about eight months before he passed away on September 11, 2012. He had turned 28 years old in August of that year.

At age 25, I became a widow. Read More Entering Widowhood

Torchwood Series 2: Love, Loss and Our Humanity

Going beyond physical desire, Torchwood‘s second series tackles the big questions of our human identity. What makes us who we are? And if we feel human, does that make us so?

Read More Torchwood Series 2: Love, Loss and Our Humanity

Persephone Pioneers: Donna Britt

It is nothing short of miraculous to open a book and have your own experience reflected back at you. It doesn’t matter that there may be stark differences between your experience and the author’s, because even if the details aren’t all the same, someone has still confirmed what you have quietly known for so long. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Donna Britt