Do I Want To Be a Part Of This REVOLUTION?


I deal with TV shows the same way I deal with friends: I don’t have many, and the ones I have get my undying loyalty. I thought Revolution might be a new addition to my life because J.J. Abrams produced it. While I couldn’t get into Lost–I don’t like a large cast on TV any more than I do in my own life, apparently–I adored Alias, and spent the past summer binging on Fringe. Continue reading

Why Lost is the Best TV Show Ever

Recently I have been re-watching Lost from the beginning. This is unusual for me. I see something once, I like it or I don’t and that’s it. It is extremely unusual for me to re-watch a movie or reread a book. For me, Lost is an exception to every rule, which is probably why I’m currently obsessed with re-watching it from the beginning and I must say: it’s even better the second time around. This has lead me to the conclusion: Lost is the BEST TV show EVER. I mean it. If you don’t believe me, keep reading for my top five reasons on why this is for sure true. Promise I’ll try to keep it spoiler free in case you haven’t seen it (poor you). Continue reading