Books: Edge of Your Seat Awesomeness

TW: two of the following books contain violence.

I’m a book slut: I have a lot of different desires, tastes and passions, ever-changing according to my mood. Lately, I’ve been gravitating toward suspenseful reads that have me scooting forward on my tiny el train seat, frantically clicking the Forward button on my Nook until the satisfying end. Read More Books: Edge of Your Seat Awesomeness

K Drama Review: “Coffee Prince”

“Coffee Prince” AKA “First Shop of Coffee Prince” was a mega hit K Drama which ran in 2007. The premise might be a tough one to swallow; a young tomboy-style woman is mistaken for being male and befriends a handsome, rich man. They fall in love, but the rich man doesn’t realize his buddy is a woman. Read More K Drama Review: “Coffee Prince”

We Try It!: Never Let Me Go

Kazuo Ishiguro’s dystopian novel Never Let Me Go was recently made into a feature film starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan, which no doubt contributed to the five-year-old book’s current three-month stint as a NYT Trade Paperback bestseller. I was dying to see the movie, but, alas, it wasn’t widely released and my local indie theater only carried it for a week. Not to be discouraged, I ordered the book, encouraged by the high praise it received from the NYT’s oft-disparaging Michiko Kakutani and Time magazine, which called it “the best novel of the decade.” Read More We Try It!: Never Let Me Go