Herman Cain’s 999 Plan for Economic Growth

Among the crowded field of Republican Presidential candidates stands pizza mogul and radio host Herman Cain. With quips like, “Our tax code is the 21st century version of slavery,” and “If 10% is good enough for God, then 9% should be good enough for the federal government,” Herman Cain has been marketing his 999 Plan among the Republican faithful for some time. And since his surprise win in the Florida straw polls this past weekend, the rest of the country has started to take notice. If I were a local news anchor instead of a blogger, this is the part where I would say something like: Next up, more about what the 999 Plan is and why you should be terrified. Read More Herman Cain’s 999 Plan for Economic Growth

The Seriousness of Salmon

Even though I work in politics, I find myself shying away from great spectacles like the State of the Union address. Ever since I got into this business, I find myself focusing on the strangest things. (Who let him on stage in that tie? Who decided that that schmuck should be in the camera shot? That flag/banner/whatever is not straight.) Read More The Seriousness of Salmon

Helpful Suggestions for Bernie Sanders’ Next Filibuster

While Sanders’ 9-hour effort to explain things like the wage gap and estate tax to a bunch of stodgy, hostile Senators was heroic, we can all agree that his speech was dryer than bread left out overnight to make stuffing. And I know if I were subjected to 9 hours of rambling about the deficit, I would deliberately do the opposite of whatever the rambler was telling me to do, like lower taxes to 0% for everyone in the country or just declare my state is seceding from the Union and go out for a burrito. That’s because boring speeches short-circuit my brain faster than dumping orange drink on a laptop. Read More Helpful Suggestions for Bernie Sanders’ Next Filibuster