10 Fictional Badasses on Netflix Instant

We love our Netflix around here, as evidenced by Cartoons of the ’90s, Even More Compulsively Watchable Documentaries on Netflix!, Netflix and Nyquil: Streaming Through a Sick Day, Killing Time with Family: Netflix Instant Saves the Day and Netflix Instant: Badass Leading Ladies.  We’re going to go further in the Badass Leading Ladies milieu today, because much like your local big box store, the inventory at Netflix is always in flux. Read More 10 Fictional Badasses on Netflix Instant

The Badass Ladies of Stargate

Stargate is a sci-fi franchise that started out with a movie that wasn’t particularly great and eventually expanded into a television series with two spinoffs and a number of movie specials. For those of you who are not familiar with the series, the premise is that a race of Ancients created devices that our modern Earth humans call Stargates, which allow people to travel from planet to planet through wormholes hooked up to unique gate addresses, Read More The Badass Ladies of Stargate