Lunchtime Poll: Spuffy or Bangel?

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At the most random times I think about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Of course, Buffy is a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone, but if we’re talking about Buffy and a boyfriend: Buffy and Angel or Buffy and Spike?

freckle [M]Lunchtime Poll: Spuffy or Bangel?

Lunchtime Poll: Dream Location

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My husband and I are in the beginning stages (very beginning) of planning a long-distance move. We decided after this winter, between the absurd amounts of snow and the polar vortices (vortexes?), we wanted to go somewhere it snows a whole lot less. As the fates will have it, a job opportunity presented itself somewhere it never snows, and if … Read More

[E]queSarahSarahLunchtime Poll: Dream Location