Lyrics That Get Me Every Time

I am, to coin a phrase, all about the wordplay. While I love beautiful music, music with a beat, and music with a purpose, what I love most of all is music that makes me repeat its lyrics over and over. I love music with visual words, that tear at my heart a little bit and remind me to feel things. Here are four songs that do just that. Read More Lyrics That Get Me Every Time

Music on Music

Summertime is here, and the only thing finer than hiding out in an air conditioned room is riding down the highway with the windows down singing along to the radio. Some of my favorite road trip karaoke songs belong to a cross-genre sub-category I like to think of as music on music. Read More Music on Music

Lunchtime Poll 11/9

Good afternoon, readers! I hope everyone’s Tuesday is rolling along smoothly.  We’ve been a bit harried on our end, but hopefully by the time you read this we’re back on schedule and bringing you the good stuff in a timely manner. Read More Lunchtime Poll 11/9