LTP: 4/15

So here’s the scene – It’s twenty years ago.  I’m sitting in my room, watching 120 Minutes on MTV.  All of the sudden a voice booms out of my little 13″ TV yelling “Hey you!  Don’t watch that, watch this…” I didn’t pay too much attention till the music started, but as soon as it did I was riveted.  I felt like I had just been smacked in the face with a giant fish made of awesome.  I was glued to the set until the end of the song when the song and artist blurb came on and told me just what I had been listening to.  I went to bed that night repeating “Madness, One Step Beyond” over and over so I wouldn’t forget.  First thing the next day I went out and bought the cassette.  It is still one of my favorite albums.

Have you all ever had this happen?  When you hear a song for the first time and your brain immediately empties all thought except “HOLY CRAP, THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD!”



Middlemarch Madness: Championship

This is our last vote together, we’re down to the final two badasses.  In spite of my fear of being pitchforked, this has been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done.  I’m going to miss doing this every day.  Not enough to do it again until next year, but you know what I’m sayin’. Read More Middlemarch Madness: Championship

Middlemarch Madness: The Final Four

We’re just 48 hours away from knowing the winner of the inaugural run of Persephone Magazine’s Middlemarch Madness, and boy has it been a ride!  I’m not sure if tonight’s results will have any surprises, but let’s click on and meet the winners anyway, shall we? Read More Middlemarch Madness: The Final Four

Middlemarch Madness: Sweet Sixteen Final Vote

It was another record setting night for votes, and both races were so close I didn’t know who was going to win until the last possible minute.  Tonight we’ll vote in the final Sweet Sixteen battle, then tomorrow at this time I’ll reveal the Elite Eight. Read More Middlemarch Madness: Sweet Sixteen Final Vote

Middlemarch Madness: Sweet Sixteen Voting Day Three

One of last night’s races was so close, the leader changed fifty times.   The other one, not so much.   We’ve got two more inductees into the Elite Eight, two more ladies going home and another round of votes for you, after the cut. Read More Middlemarch Madness: Sweet Sixteen Voting Day Three

Middlemarch Madness Voting, Round 1

It’s March first, which means it’s time to get serious about Middlemarch Madness.  For the next several weeks, we’ll be working our way through the bracket, ruthlessly cutting brave heroines young and old from the competition.  If you want to protect your favorites, or at least make sure they don’t go down in a giant upset, start campaigning now! Read More Middlemarch Madness Voting, Round 1

Goodbye, Monday

We’re out for tonight, but feel free to hang out in the comments and in the forums (the link is right over there to your right.)  Keep your suggestions for Middlemarch Madness coming, Bee and Sara B. are working on a post for Wednesday afternoon that will list all the potential heroines broken down by genre.  Read More Goodbye, Monday