Do You Use the Services?

The title is not particularly catchy. None of mine usually are, to be honest, but at least in this case, it is accurate. Without further (or any, really) exposition, let’s get down the heart of the matter: universities offer many services that appear to be underutilized. I want to talk about this a little bit and then I want to hear from you; specifically, I want to know whether you use the services offered by your university and why. Read More Do You Use the Services?

Make Time for a Book

If you are reading this post on this particular website, then I assume that you love to read. In fact, if you demur and say, “Oh no, no, no, reading is for people with expensive library card holsters and gigantic, butt-cuddling armchairs, not for regular ol’ people like me,” I will throw down a gauntlet and challenge you to a duel. Or perhaps I’ll eat a slice of humble pie, but that is unlikely since my favorite flavor is strawberry rhubarb. Read More Make Time for a Book