Science News: 4/23/13

News in the real world has been pretty terrible recently; mercifully, science has brought us some things to smile about. Mars probably isn’t gonna get smacked by a comet after all, wet washcloths do interesting things in space, and it’s ok to have the occasional drink when you’re pregnant! Read More Science News: 4/23/13

News in Africa: 02/21/2013

It’s Thursday, Persephoneers, and I’m back with another round of news from Africa! After the jump, we’ve got updates on the Pistorius case in South Africa and a whole lot more. Read More News in Africa: 02/21/2013

News Appetizers: Mmm. Delicious!

Happy Easter Monday! That’s a thing, right? A day of crashing after all that chocolate on Sunday? The news is depressing to fit with the sugar-crashing. Thematic! Read More News Appetizers: Mmm. Delicious!