News in Africa: 02/07/2013

As always, there is a lot going on in Africa these days, and some of it isn’t very rosy. I wish I could bring you positive and uplifting news reports every week, but some weeks, those uplifting stories are much harder to find amid the muck and mire. [TW: discussion of sexual violence after the jump.] Read More News in Africa: 02/07/2013

News in Africa: 01/24/2013

Happy Thursday, fellow Persephoneers, and this means another round of news from Africa! After the jump, I’ve got updates on the conflict in Mali, AU decisions, and women’s rights. I’ve also discovered an enterprising entrepreneur, and of course, there is a bit about the Africa Cup of Nations. Let’s jump right in! Read More News in Africa: 01/24/2013

Mid-Week News: Just Keep Swimming

Kittens, it’s Wednesday. That means we have survived a few more days, which is about as best as you can ask for these days if you gauge it by the way the world is tumblin’. Read More Mid-Week News: Just Keep Swimming

News Appetizers Work Late

Welcome to the last Friday news roundup of 2012! I predict that the first Friday news of next year, we’ll talk about the next Fiscal Cliff, the mess in Syria, nominees for Secretary of State, and some rich people being jerks. Some things never change! But to see what’s up today, click on through!

Read More News Appetizers Work Late

News in Africa: 12/06/2012

It’s another week, and Africa’s been hopping. From conflict development to genomes to billionaires, there’s a bunch to cover, so let’s dive right in, shall we? Read More News in Africa: 12/06/2012