My Obsession with March Madness

For many, March feels like a sleeper month, but for me, it is electrifying. March contains one of the funnest sporting events of the year, NCAA March Madness. This single elimination tournament has spurred so many different copycats, including the best copycat, Persephone’s own Middlemarch Madness. What is more fun than having an actual winner of something? Unlike the mess that is college football’s post season, college basketball’s tournament gives us an easy solution. 64 teams enter, 1 team leaves. It is the best, usually least bloody, Thunder Dome.  Read More My Obsession with March Madness

These News Appetizers Are Full of Kittens

Because when you’re reading the news, nothing makes it go down better than soft, fluffy kittens.

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Comments of the Week

You people are GOLD.  I have just laughed, cried, nodded my head in agreement and at one point I hugged my monitor.  You people are brilliant, and I love showing off your brilliance in this column every week.  Keep up the good work! Read More Comments of the Week

NCAA March Madness: It’s Not Just for Fans Anymore

Hello, hello! I come to you with a proposition! We are just days away from the first tip-off in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Don’t listen to Andy Williams –  THIS is the most wonderful time of the year. And it’s a wonderful time for both fans and non-fans alike: when filling out brackets, expertise is not in any way a boon. That’s the beauty of the tournament: while perennial favorites can make deep runs in the tournament, underdogs like Butler can make big waves to the surprise of all the experts. So, let’s fill out our brackets (link below the cut) and duke it out for ultimate basketball glory. Oh, and if you’re new, I’ll show you the ropes with great enthusiasm.

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