This Week in Misogyny

Oh, dearies, it was another week of fuckery in the world. Between Rolling Stone throwing a source under the bus when inconsistencies rose in her story (cue gloating from the “false accusations!!1!” crowd), a misguided storyline on The Newsroom, and the usual assortment of random awfulness, it’s hard to see the good news. Of which there’s a little bit, partially in the form of Legos. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny

Women in Science: Nobel Prize edition

Over the past week, the Nobel Committee has announced its 2011 award winners. Leymah Gbowee, Tawakul Karman, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but they were the only women honored this year. In fact, since the awards were created in 1901, only 43 women have been awarded Nobel Prizes or the associated Prize in Economic Science, out of a total of 853 Nobel Laureates. Read More Women in Science: Nobel Prize edition

Badass Ladies of History: Decca Mitford (pt 1)

Young women today are spoiled for choice in role models. The philanthropic can look to Jane Addams or Ethel Kennedy, the civic-minded may find heroes in Michelle Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton (or perhaps Leslie Knope), and aspiring scientists can get into Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, or even Hedy Lamarr. And with every passing day, more and more exemplary women are making names for themselves and will no doubt inspire future generations of passionate and brilliant ladies.
Read More Badass Ladies of History: Decca Mitford (pt 1)