Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: My boy is too wussy!

Why hello there, Dr. Laura! Ridiculous as always, I assume? This week’s advice comes from her YouTube channel.

The question: I have a fourteen-year-old son in the middle of puberty who is having a hard time controlling his emotions. By nature, he’s a kind, thoughtful, generous, kid with a tender heart, but he can be hurt easily. His whirlwind emotions are making him a target for teasing and bullying. I’m looking for advice for how to help him get through this tumultuous time with confidence and take responsibility for controlling himself as he grows into a young man. In other words, I want him to learn that no matter what, he can only control himself and how he reacts to any situation. He listens to your program and I’m sure your advice will be valuable. His order of authority for decision making is mom, dad, youth pastor, Dr. Laura. But sometimes you come in first. Read More Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: My boy is too wussy!

Alpha Protocol Review

Just before Christmas I bought a lot of discounted games. Alpha Protocol, a game created by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Sega, was among them. I always loved spy games and an RPG spy game seemed like a good thing to play.

Uzi wonder
Uzi wonder

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