2012 Sexy-Times Challenge: Weekly Orgasms

I’m not usually the one around here who talks about this, but I need to, right now. See, there’s been a lot of talk around these parts about taking care of yourself, and we’re (as a site) pretty open about talking about sex. (Thank you, Papers-are-Patient! Ms. Vagina Science! Awkwardette! Others!) But today I’m here to propose the kind of New Year’s Resolution that I don’t think anyone, from the abstinent Christian to the body-positive Health at Every Size-ers, could possibly object to on practical grounds.

I am proposing orgasms for everyone.

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Recharging Your Batteries For When You Need Some Holiday Self-Love

The holidays wear thin on my mental, physical, and emotional health. Between the manufactured cheer of holiday music, the yearly “War On Christmas” campaign, maddening consumer panic that eats people alive with a manic fury, and the balls-to-the-wall work schedule that I always think I can handle (I CAN HAVE IT ALL), it’s easy to overload on giving one’s self to the point of becoming a raggedy mess. Our own Golda Porestky said it best in her recent piece, The Gift of Receiving:

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Tell Me About Teledildonics!

Q: My boyfriend and I are facing a long-distance relationship soon. We’re planning to be living in the same country again within a year, and we should be able to visit a few times, but for the rest of the time, we’re talking about how to manage long-distance– particularly our sex life. Read More Tell Me About Teledildonics!

“Will Sex Toys Ruin Sex With People For Me?”

Q: Okay, so I was watching that Sex & The City episode where Miranda introduces them all to the Rabbit vibrator, and Charlotte mentions that she is worried that it might ruin her for actual sex with a man… Read More “Will Sex Toys Ruin Sex With People For Me?”

Let’s Talk Sex: This Station is Self-Serve Only.

Tuesday we talked about pleasure and the first time we found out about it. Today, let’s expand on that topic and make things a little more personal: Masturbation.

When did you first start masturbating? How did you come to discover this happy activity?

I happen to know people who don’t masturbate and never have. To this I say: what? I kid, no judgment here. Nonetheless, I notice that while we can talk about sex and getting it on for hours with friends, as soon as the word “masturbate” is brought up the room goes eerily quiet. We can talk about doing it with other people, but when it comes to pleasing ourselves we clam right up. Ridiculous, I say. I first learned about masturbation from a copy of Seventeen, I believe, once again stolen from my big sister. It even outlined how to masturbate (good techniques and whatnot). I was shocked. I can do what to myself? And it feels like that? And I don’t have to wait until I’m older and over my extreme body insecurities to orgasm? Rejoice! Since that day, it’s been happy time for Ginger Gal all the time.