Why Mayor Bloomberg’s Ban on Big Soda is Stupid

Last Thursday, I appeared on Jane Velez-Mitchell’s show on HLN to talk about the public policy hullabaloo of the moment. My sleepy little hometown of NYC made the news when our Mayor for life, Michael Bloomberg, had another brilliant idea for the public shaming of fat people public health – outlawing the sale of sodas in excess of 16 oz. Of course, the rhetoric from the mayor’s office is all about how soda leads to obesity, and obesity is the scourge of our age, worse than the bubonic plague and alien robots put together. (Or something like that.) Read More Why Mayor Bloomberg’s Ban on Big Soda is Stupid

Civil Vandalism: A Manifesto

There are many ways in which I could be a better person. I could drop my laundry quarters into the coffee cups of the panhandlers outside my office. I could work to suppress my nervous reaction to sad or uncomfortable news, which is to giggle uncontrollably. Read More Civil Vandalism: A Manifesto