Book Review: Devotion: A Memoir by Dani Shapiro

When I was ten years old, I decided I would no longer eat pork. Partly brought on by the appreciation for the animal itself, I realized that I’d never much liked pork to begin with. Rather than say to people something like, “Well, I hate pork chops, but sometimes I end up eating sausage when my mom makes red beans and rice,” it was easier to eliminate it entirely.

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Lunchtime Poll: Zen Mode

Part of the core requirements in my graduate program is to take an advanced mediation class which focuses primarily on, mindfulness. I kid you not, it’s like the perfect program for hippies-turned-academics or academic hippies, like myself.

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Dealing with Stress: Pausing

Last week, I hit a low point emotionally and mentally and, although I could easily go into the details, I feel that it would only distract from the focus of this article. This is about how to cope with stress, not discuss stressors that bring us to low points in the first place. Let’s dive right in. Read More Dealing with Stress: Pausing

What I Watched Last Night, Or: Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi

Last night, my science fiction choice for marathon-ing was based on nostalgia- I watched Farscape. As a kid, Farscape was a big, beautiful show, and one that seemed so grown-up while still being full of adventure. Watching it as an adult, I found that the way I appreciated the show changed to focus more on seeing what parts of the show were inspired by actual science. (Minor contextual spoilers, but major plot spoilers are avoided.)

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Birthday Life Makeovers and New Age Stuff for 2012

Since we’re heading into 2012, which is supposed to be all about change, Mayans and maybe (r)evolution, I figured the incoming new year is a perfect opportunity to talk about some of the life-changing techniques I’ve learned from other members of the majority gender.

We Try It: Meditation

A lot of people have been trying to tell me to meditate lately. Well, not a lot of people. Specifically, Roseanne, who mentioned it in her advice column in Bust to some lady who was feeling like the world was sucking. Roseanne pointed out that smart human beings believe the world is sucking most of the time, but that maybe meditation might reduce the crushing weight of it.

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