Ladyguide: The Basics Of Babywearing

The subject of babywearing tends to involve, at some point, phrases like “crunchy mom” or “granola mom.” I don’t really see myself as being either. Sure, we babywear, we use cloth diapers, we co-sleep, use therapy-based discipline, recycle as much as we can, and often have beans and lentils on the menu. On the other hand, I requested a caesarean, combination feed formula and breast milk, shop in a big corporation supermarket, and have a husband that really should rattle given all the medication he’s on. So for us, whilst we practise elements of attachment/alternative parenting, it’s been a case of finding what works for us, as opposed to finding theory and sticking to it, and a big part of that has been babywearing. Read More Ladyguide: The Basics Of Babywearing