Remembering American War Nurses on Memorial Day

Most people in the U.S. view Memorial Day as part of a three-day weekend that kicks off the summer, but it was originally intended as a day to remember those who died in military service. Long before women were officially allowed to become soldiers, they were doing hard jobs in the armed forces and sometimes giving their lives for the cause. Most of them were nurses. Here are just a few of them! Read More Remembering American War Nurses on Memorial Day

LTP: 5/27

Here in the States, we’re getting ready for Memorial Day weekend.  Technically, it’s a holiday to honor American servicemembers, but for many people, Memorial Day is an excuse to dust off the grill and have a good old-fashioned barbecue (unless you live in Indianapolis, then you will either be going to the racetrack or doing everything you can to avoid rabid race fans). Read More LTP: 5/27