Taking Pictures of Food

I’ve lived in Oregon for nearly eight years. Besides my Keens, my Decemberists shirts, and my reusable bags, the most Portland thing about me is that I take pictures of my food.

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Book Review: The Ocean at The End of The Lane by Neil Gaiman

Would you believe that this is only the second Neil Gaiman book that I’ve ever read? I know, I am disappointed in this reading gap too, as it has happened for no good reason. I enjoy Gaiman’s writing immensely, and his new novel, The Ocean at The End of The Lane did not disappoint.

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Lunchtime Poll 1/12

How is everyone faring on this snowy Wednesday lunch?  Did you know that yesterday there was snow in 49 states?!  The only state that didn’t have snow was Florida.  And that brings us to the lunchtime poll.  What is your favorite snow-related memory?  For me it’s the winter that I was in 5th grade.   We had an abnormally snowy winter and were off every other day from school for almost two weeks.  My sister, neighbor and I spent the days sledding and building snow forts.  I would come inside and hang my wet clothes to dry by a fire and watch movies.  I remember thinking even then that it was a perfect winter that I may never experience again.  So – how about you all?  Any fun snow memories?