The Morning After: Political Hangover

Now that I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep, here I am with a political hangover: I’m a little cranky and sore, and looking back on the events of last night it’s all kind of a blur. So, while I sip my coffee, some musings about last night’s election results. I’ll keep it brief because others who are smarter and more eloquent than I will be analyzing throughout the day. Read More The Morning After: Political Hangover

Live-Blogging(ish) the Election Results

Good evening, readers. Hattie here bringing you the latest on the midterm election results as they come in, starting at 7:00 pm EST. EIC Ophelia, in what she will likely come to consider a bad decision, has given me the keys to the castle for the night. I plan to lower my grammatical and journalistic standards in order to keep the updates coming. Read More Live-Blogging(ish) the Election Results

Ellsworth v. Coats (Indiana 8th): Healthcare and Job Creation

Let me start by saying that in pretty much any other state in our fair country, Brad Ellsworth would be an R instead of a D.   He’s a fiscally conservative Blue Dog from southern Indiana, an area not known for its progressives.   A former Sheriff, Ellsworth did work closely on healthcare reform and supports and pledges to uphold the changes made in the past year.   Read More Ellsworth v. Coats (Indiana 8th): Healthcare and Job Creation